Advanced Mobility And Transport Engineering

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Multimodal transport network customers need to be directed during their travels





A travel support tool can be offered by a Multimodal Information System MIS , which allows them to input their needs and provides them with the appropriate responses to improve their travel conditions

Agent-oriented Road Traffic Simulation, Ren Mandiau, Sylvain Piechowiak, Arnaud Doniec and St phane Espi

An Agent-based Information System for Searching and Creating Mobility-aiding Services, Slim Hammadi and Hayfa Zgaya

Contents 1

Criteria and Methods for Interactive System Evaluation Application to a Regulation Post in the Transport Domain, Houcine Ezzedine, Abdelwaheb Trabelsi, Chi Dung Tran and Christophe Kolski.

Inter-vehicle Services and Communication, Sylvain Lecomte, Thierry Delot and Mikael Desertot

Modeling and Control of Traffic Flow, Daniel Jolly, Boumediene Kamel and Amar Benasser

The MIS must automatically identify the websites concerning the customer s services

The authors propose methods and tools that help transport network customers to formulate their requests when they connect to their favorite information systems through PC, laptop, cell phone, Portable Digital Assistant PDA , etc

The goal of this book is to design and develop methodologies in order to realize a MIS tool which can ensure permanent multimodal information availability before and during travel, considering passengers mobility

The system should then be able to collect the necessary travel information from these sites in order to construct and propose the most convenient information according to the user s requests

These sites can, in fact, represent transport services, cultural services, tourist services, etc

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